In the current circumstances we find ourselves in, please find time to consider your neighbours. If they are self-isolating, please try to phone them to see if they need anything – shopping, collecting a prescription or just a chat.
Please be mindful of the more vulnerable or at risk members of the community. If you haven’t seen them for a while or if there are any changes to routine, please make an effort to get in touch with them. True community spirit really comes to the fore in situations such as this.

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Although clearly delayed by the current COVID-19 situation, the Parish Council is planning to refurbish and replenish the shrub beds in the centre of the village. The current shrubs have lost shape and have grown together losing their definition.


The plan is to have all the shrubs dug out, the beds redefined and new shrubs planted. Obviously, this is a big job and once started the area will probably look a bit stark for a while until the replanting has been completed.

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