BT Scam – Beware

Our Parish Council clerk received a  scam call from a so called BT Technical Support Team relating to her internet account. They had phoned over the… weekend but she was unable to speak so rearranged the call for a Monday.

Due to recent issues experienced with the Clerk email address she thought perhaps it related to that.

The scammer was an Indian gentleman who said his name was Jasper and he advised her that her internet security was compromised, pushing her to log on, which she refused to do.  He was very reluctant to end the call or to have her call him back.  The number was withheld when dialling 1471 but he eventually gave a number – 0800 3101045. This number is widely reported as a scam number on the internet and well known to BT, who confirmed it was a scam and they are aware of it.  The aim being to gain remote access to computer/laptop and obtain passwords for online banking etc.