Household Waste

Over the last week a number of black bin bags have been left behind the Blue Bin Skip on the pub car park. This is not the correct use of this recycling area. Any recyclable waste must be sorted into the correct skip. There are no means of disposing of non-recyclable household waste from this location. When left outside of an appropriate storage skip it attracts vermin into the area which creates a health hazard, especially to those living in the immediate vicinity. Additionally at this time there is a risk that Covid 19 could be spread via the household waste to the volunteers within the community who must step in to remove it to an appropriate disposal facility.

If an excess of household waste is created that can’t be managed through normal routine collection services it should be taken to the WBC Recycling Centre at Stockton Heath (Map Below). If anybody is struggling to manage household waste collections due to shielding or self-isolation please inform a member of the Parish Council via the contact details on the village website and we will provide whatever assistance we can. Alternatively if you are a member of the village WhatsApp group created early in the pandemic so that neighbours can provide support to each other, please don’t hesitate to seek assistance on there.

Should anybody observe unfamiliar people travelling into the village by car to dump household waste in this location please forward vehicle registration numbers to the Parish Council via and we’ll collate and forward these to WBC who have investigation and enforcement powers for these offences. We’ll be reviewing signage in the area to ensure people are not mistaken as to the purpose of this facility.