Speeding update

The subject of speeding, in particular on Hatton Lane and Warrington Lane, was discussed at the Rural Watch meeting attended by senior Police officials and Hatton’s PCSO, Steve Parr.

Residents’ concern for the safety on our village roads was unanimous and is being taken seriously by the Police.  Steve has now been trained on the use of a new ‘all singing- all dancing’ speed gun and in the next few weeks will be positioning himself at various places in the village to catch the offending drivers!

Steve stressed again how important it is that we report incidents of speeding or dangerous driving immediately to him, giving as much detail as possible, such as time of incident, type of incident and make, model and registration of car.  Don’t be put off if you can’t get all the information.  Time and type of incident together with colour or make of car is better than nothing at all.

To contact Steve Parr email stephen.parr@cheshire.pnn.police.uk

Something which raised a few eyebrows at the meeting was that the official speed limit of tractors is only 25mph – and that anyone over the age of 16 can drive them.