A meeting with Steve Parr, PCSO for Hatton,  highlighted  that he was acutely aware of our concerns around speeding in the village.  He is being trained on the 16th February on True Cam which is the latest fully enforceable speed camera and will be attending the Home Watch meeting at the Lewis Carroll Centre on 24th February 7pm to discuss our traffic concerns. He can operate this system alone and Steve committed to using the camera at different locations on…

……Hatton Lane and different times of the day once his training is complete

Traffic calming etc. and the best way of approaching the council was also discussed.  Steve is happy for traffic “near misses” , accidents, erratic driving to be reported direct to him as the Council would always want to know how many such instances had been reported to the Police before considering potential changes to the highways.  So in such instances please report as much detail as possible to Steve via email stephen.parr@cheshire.pnn.police.uk then it will only help whatever we try to do in the future.