Environment news


  • Warrington MBC cut the verges on Hatton Lane in November and did a good job.
  • John Done refilled the five planters in the centre of the village with winter bedding plants.
  • Thanks to Roger Dickin who built a new planter coming into Hatton on Warrington Road.
  • Thanks for Richard Roseby who has offered to build one for the start of  Hatton Lane as you enter Hatton
  • The daffodil bulbs planted between the trees on the Common are coming through. Let’s hope we do not get any frost.
  • A new tree has been planted to replace the dead one, thanks to Julian Wrigley, Tony Knowles and John Done


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Bird Nesting Boxes

A number of bird nesting boxes have been purchased with the intention of placing some in public areas throughout the village, and offering others to children who wish to have one in their own gardens encouraging birds to nest.

If your child would like one (no charge, just an adult in the house to position it) then please contact Judith Godley on judith@judygodley.plus.com to arrange a convenient pick up time.

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Save our Ward

The Boundary Commission’s draft recommendations for the Boundary Review have done away with Hatton, Stretton and Walton as a Borough Council Ward. Under the proposals we will become part of Appleton. Hatton, Stretton and Walton Parish Councils met with Paul Kennedy (Borough Councillor) to discuss the implications.   Hatton PC will be objecting as we feel that the views/needs and services of our rural village will be marginalised and that our own dedicated Borough Councillor would be able to ensure our voices are heard! A joint objection from the all 3 Parish Councils will be sent if the other PC’s adopt the same stance. If you want to have a say then email by 19th October to reviews@lgbce.org.uk.

Proposed Eco-House on Warrington Road

A proposal to construct an eco-house to be called Orchard House on the plot of land next to Briar Cottage on Warrington Road Hatton was refused planning permission by Warrington Borough Council at the end of last year.

We understand that the site owner intends to submit a new planning application on the basis that the proposed eco-house would be set further back and lower on the site with additional tree planting so that it will be less obtrusive than before. A visual representation of the changes can be seen on our website www.hattonparishcouncil.org.uk go to Parish Council then Planning then Orchard House.

The applicant tells us that the eco-house would be unique in the Warrington area, highly sustainable, built from locally sourced materials with a zero carbon footprint.

We see this as an important and unusual issue for us to consider. As we expect to be asked to comment on this proposal again soon we would really appreciate your views as Hatton residents beforehand. You can do this by sending an email to the Parish Clerk Gillian Lett on clerk@hattonparishcouncil.org.uk or tel 07557 680528

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