The Parish Council are very pleased to announce that Openreach have confirmed sufficient vouchers have now been accepted to reach the funding target for the new network. We will now liaise with Openreach on the project implementation stages, so will be able to regularly report on progress over the coming months.

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Ultra-Fast Fibre Optic Broadband in Hatton is *GO* 😊

The funding vouchers for the Ultra-Fast Fibre Optic Broadband for Hatton have at last been fully approved by the Government! This is really great news as it will ensure that our Village will not be left behind in the modern world of Internet connectivity, and place us among the very best in the country.

We will now have to work with Openreach regarding the delivery of the network, and at some point all individuals who pledged their intention to subscribe to an Ultra-Fast service will be asked by DCMS/Openreach to confirm their position in order for each funding voucher to be redeemed. This will not be requested until the project is ready to go but we will keep you informed as to when to expect it.

If anybody has any queries then please email

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Neighbourhood Development Plans

In the last edition of Hatton Life we mentioned that John Groves of Groves Town Planning had given a presentation to the Parish Council on Conservation Areas. He also covered Neighbourhood Development Plans and whether one would be appropriate for Hatton. At the present time the Parish Council do not intend to pursue such a Plan. A copy of John’s presentation notes, which now includes both subjects, can be found here:

Conservation Areas and Neighbourhood Development Plans

If anyone wishes to comment on this subject, please email

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Last Chance for Reliable Ultra-Fast Broadband in Hatton!

Time is running out for getting funding for reliable and Ultra-Fast Fibre-Optic Broadband in Hatton. If you wish to have this then please register your support now! You will have had all the information through your letter boxes but if you have mislaid it you can download it here:


Any questions please email

Don’t forget that you need to act now or the chance will be lost!

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Creamfields Update

The Parish Council are now working with Warrington South MP Andy Carter and Creamfields Festival Director John Probyn to improve the planning of the event in subsequent years. Andy has visited Hatton to understand the concerns of both Parish Councillors and local residents, as well as the issues encountered in the village so far. He is very sympathetic and has advised Creamfields that he will be organising a full debrief soon after the event. Cllrs Robin Brocklehust and Paul Molphy PC Chair will attend this session to ensure the issues are fully understood adequately dealt with in future event planning.

Andy has promised to do everything in his power to ensure the issues are resolved. He will also attend the next Parish Council meeting to enable a close working relationship to be maintained.

The Parish Council continues to keep a log of all major issues and is working with the Traffic Management and Security Operation on the ground to ensure appropriate short term measures are taken where possible.

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Creamfields Latest

The Parish Council have informed the head of the external Creamfields security operation about shortcomings observed on Thursday and they are being investigated.

Creamfields advise that there is Security patrol the perimeter in vehicles and there are 6 patrol/ response teams active at any time. The Creamfields staff manning various locations are mostly Traffic Marshals. Warrington road is planned to remain open to non-festival traffic this year with Marshals redirecting any waifs and strays. Previous traffic cone set up has been decided against by WBC during traffic planning apparently as it can create dangerous/ frustrating traffic build ups as was reported Thursday afternoon.

Warrington road car park for early campers will be full now so all festival traffic will be directed to South car parks off Daresbury lane via Daresbury official access route meaning Hatton shouldn’t experience festival related traffic tomorrow onwards. Only potential situation Friday is a ‘relief valve’ protocol if traffic backs up to A56 some will be marshaled via summer/ pilmoss lane round to daresbury lane. Warrington road car park vehicles will be directed out via Park lane splash on Monday.

The Parish Council remain in close contact with Festival Security and Event Organisers. All issues will be reinforced during debrief sessions so that they can be fed into future planning.

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