Village Plan


7.30 – 8PM WED 13TH JULY

Hatton Parish Council felt that a Parish Plan would give residents a voice to highlight successes and raise opportunities for change and suggest improvements for Hatton and its residents over the coming years. A village meeting was called in 2013 and 12 people volunteered to form the Hatton Village Steering Group (HVSG). The HVSG worked very hard to ensure all residents were given the opportunity to feedback their opinions, views and wishes for the village. Innovative ideas were used, who could forget the beermat campaign! Competitions were held to ensure the Youth of the Village were included and every household was issued with a detailed questionnaire. (Attached). Over 60% response rate from the questionnaires meant the HVSG had an impressive amount of data to analyse . The actions that the village had requested were then put together and a cohesive plan was formed.(Attached) The plan was endorsed by Hatton Parish Council and communicated by way of an Open Evening in February 2015 asking for volunteers to join the Hatton Village Plan Implementation Group(HVPIG).10 residents(including some Parish Councillors) volunteered and the Implementation Group are busy working to deliver the Village Plan in the 5 key areas of Communications, Community and Social Activities, Transport and Road Safety, Services and Environment. Already within a few short months the Communication Team have a new look Newsletter – Hatton Life, a combined new website for Hatton Village with Hatton Parish Council and You only have to look at Hatton Life to see all the wonderful things the other teams have delivered and continue to work on.


For the full village plan, please download it here.

For the village plan questionnaire, please download it here.



Chair –Roger Dickin Email:

Environment – Judith Godley Email:

Services – David Jones Email:

Transport and Road Safety – Andy Lett Email:

Social – Margaret Winstanley

Village Hall – Robin Brocklehurst Email:

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