Creamfields Update

The Parish Council are now working with Warrington South MP Andy Carter and Creamfields Festival Director John Probyn to improve the planning of the event in subsequent years. Andy has visited Hatton to understand the concerns of both Parish Councillors and local residents, as well as the issues encountered in the village so far. He is very sympathetic and has advised Creamfields that he will be organising a full debrief soon after the event. Cllrs Robin Brocklehust and Paul Molphy PC Chair will attend this session to ensure the issues are fully understood adequately dealt with in future event planning.

Andy has promised to do everything in his power to ensure the issues are resolved. He will also attend the next Parish Council meeting to enable a close working relationship to be maintained.

The Parish Council continues to keep a log of all major issues and is working with the Traffic Management and Security Operation on the ground to ensure appropriate short term measures are taken where possible.